“We the people…Have had enough.” -Unknown.

I’d like to start by saying thank you for all your support in the fight against statist tyranny.  Although currently it is uncertain what the CT state police will do, we are prepping for the worst and hoping for the best. There are at least 10,000 gun owners who knew better than to comply with an unconstitutional law. If the state initiates gun confiscation, what will you do? What is your plan?

First of all, if you have anything that is illegal in your house right now; grab it, bag it and move it. Bury it in the woods in a cache, have a friend hold onto the stuff for you or transport it out of state and store it somewhere safe there.  This may not be an optimal idea if you are a prepper and need those LCMs and AW’s if the SHTF. This is exactly why you should buy two firearms that are CT legal.  If you have three AR-15’s, it may be worth it to sell it to an FFL and then buy a few new firearms and ammunition.

Here is a short list of firearms that are CT legal and worth every penny.

  1. Mossberg MVP or Ruger Gunsite scout
  2. Ruger 10/22
  3. Mossberg Model 60
  4. Henry lever actions
  5. Mossberg 500
  6. Mosin Nagant
  7. SKS
  8.  Lee Enfield SMLE (.303 Brit ammo may be hard to find but it costs around the same as 30-30 ammo)

Go through your prepping stockpile while asking yourself the following question:

If the SHTF (gun confiscation) was announced to start tomorrow, what would I grab and pack?

Hopefully you already have a pre-packed Get Home Bag or 72 hour bag. Let’s modify this “bug out” to fit this scenario.  It is better to be safe than sorry which is why you will be packing up your car and getting ready to “bug out.”  Because this is not an economic collapse scenario, you can pack very light on items you normally would pack heavy on.

Here is a list of what I would pack for this “bug out”:

  • 4 cases of bottled water
  • 10 days worth of clothing
  • 3 days worth of food
  • 5 gallons of extra gasoline
  • All my firearms, ammo and some gun cleaning supplies.
  • Gas masks and filters
  • MOLLE FLC tactical vest and misc tactical gear
  • Batteries (AA, AAA, D)
  • Large tarp
  • 250 feet of cordage
  • Kerosene lantern
  • 1 gallon of kerosene
  • Bag of charcoal briquettes
  • Small charcoal grill
  • 72 hour pack and contents
  • EDC pack and contents
  • Fiance’s 72 hour pack and contents
  • Baby Bug Out Bucket
  • Squad first aid kit
  • IFAK
  • Tools
  • Reading material
  • Radio
  • Solar panel, charger and 12v battery
  • All valuables (jewelry, bullion etc.)
  • Cash

Keep in mind that I need to pack for my fiance and my daughter.  As I said, this is not a collapse situation therefor you don’t need to pack months worth of food and water because you will still be able to buy food, water, fuel, clothes etc. Cash is king. Withdraw as much money from your bank accounts as possible. At least take $500 cash with you if you can.


Where do you go? This is a great question. Once you’re all packed up, where do you “bug out” to? I’m in CT, I am familiar with Vermont and some parts of New Hampshire.  You want to make sure that the state you “bug out” to has very loose firearms laws and seeing as VT has no restrictions or anything, VT is a great place to “Bug out”.  If you don’t want to waste money on a hotel or motel, try boondocking or parking at rest stops. It is also a good idea to have a friend in your “bug out” state.


If you are part of a prepping group, it is important that you all know where to go. Set up rally points and let everyone know where the BOL is and how to get there.  ONLY GIVE THE INFO IN PERSON. DO NOT DO IT OVER THE INTERNET OR PHONE. Leave NO trace of where you plan to bug out. If you home is searched, the last thing the cops should know is where you went. Mislead them. Leave a note on the fridge that says “Hey mom, we are visiting a friend in PA (or some other state other than your “bug out” state. We will be home sometime next week or so.”

If everything goes to hell and the PD start going door to door, who knows what could happen. Get out of the danger zone, regroup and plan your next move. If cops raid your home, it might get trashed but at least you are not there to be put in danger and you still will have your guns and everything.

“Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson



I am a gamer, I love video games. I prefer FPS (First Person Shooters) and military based games. Many times have I played a game which had a campaign story based on a fictional war between the USA, NATO and China or Russia.

In reality, video games are……Fictional, fake, not real.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, lets get to the bread and butter.  I know some people will not agree with me here but this is a very calculated theory on why China would never attack the USA.

For starters, China’s economy depends greatly on the USA. Americans are the biggest buyers of Chinese made products. Are Chinese made products crappy? No, but there are many counterfeits that come out of China. Some people estimate that for every 1 real Iphone, there are 5 fake Iphones. You can replace Iphone with whatever but you get the point.

America is in a lot of debt to China. I really don’t know how to explain that part but America has too much regulation, China has very little regulation thus why many manufacturers abandoned the USA 25+ years ago and made the move to China. This was very beneficial to economic stability in America and allowed corporations to have explosive profit margins thanks to the lower cost of production. Not only do the corporations benefit, the consumer benefits greatly because the retail cost of goods is cheaper and the quality wasn’t greatly sacrificed.

Recently there has been a military game of poker going on in the waters off the coast of China.  China expanded their air defense zone over a few islands. These islands are stuck between a wok and a hard place because their ownership is disputed. China claims them and Japan claims them. The American gov’t issued a military ultimatum shortly after China expanded their airspace and the US military sent two nuclear capable bombers into the new Chinese Airspace.  So pretty much the American military went “nanananana, you can claim alllllll the air you want, we will still do whatever we want and you can’t do squat!”  Well, China actually can do whatever they want because it is their airspace.  Chinese citizens even said to local media that the Chinese airforce should have shot the American bombers down.  Thankfully the Chinese gov’t didn’t listen to that guy who obviously has som ting wong with him.

Then, American Navy vessels were harassed by the Chinese Navy in International Waters. So this all begs the question…Is there more conflict to come? Honestly, probably. The reason I say that is because China has the right to defend China.  If America sends bombers into Chinese airspace to do the typical fear mongering trolling the American Military does, China could open fire and all hell would break loose.

But, is war between the US and China worth it? No. BUT, (notice the big letters) China could potentially do something just as deadly and destructive:

Economic Warfare.

If China were to use their military to shut down the ports and export hubs, America would be faced with a major catastrophe. If the supply of goods is shut off, the demand isn’t magically going to stop as well. Store shelves would go empty is a few weeks, hundreds of stocks would loose their value over night and within a few weeks the stock market would crash. If stores are not being profitable, employers will need to cut jobs. There is already about 100 million Americans out of work, imagine is 200 million were out of work. Our country would be shut down in a matter of months. The only industries which would be semi-stable in the short term “post-depression” would be agriculture and firearms.  Thankfully we don’t get oil from China and that possibly could lead to an oil surplus if the demand for fuel goes in decline due to more consumers not spending money.

For China and America, an economic protest of this magnitude would be much better than all out war between China and America.  I don’t think it would be easy to resolve either conflict except an economic war would likely have different demands for resolution. China could demand whatever they wanted because the ball would be in their court. America would have two options:

1-Meet China’s demands
2-Not meet China’s demands.

If America decides to give China what they want, the economic crisis would be over. If America decides to not give China what they want, there would be few options but none would be good. War is one option and a counter economic protest is another option.

At the end of the day, both America and China would be hesitant to engage in war with each other. China has a very strong military but America has the greatest military. China would have less to loose though and in reality, China would EMP us before America even gets to diplomacy.  We only know of what is going on right now and we know the past. We have no way of predicting what will happen in the future; we only can speculate.  Although I believe the American gov’t has spent millions of dollars and hundreds of days going over these sorts of scenarios, we as individuals are kept out of the loop and that is why we must be prepared. The government will always have “intel” and we wont have squat until that day comes.  The gov’t knew an attack was being planned against the US base in Hawaii and shortly after that intel reached the President, it was really too late and the attack on Pearl Harbor happened. If China initiated an economic war with America, the individuals wouldn’t know about it until some gov’t suit came on TV and announced what was going on. I can only image the panic the media would create.

Although these sorts of scenarios are totally hypothetical, the chances of them becoming real are not impossible. This is why I pay attention and this is why I am a prepper.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” -Ben Franklin.

Prepper Digest

Dec 17, 2013

In the coming weeks I will be putting together several different “tiers” of first aid kits. They will be available in limited quantities some time around Christmas.

I believe that these first aid kits will offer the best bang for your buck and will be comprised of quality items. You will not find custom kits like these anywhere else for these prices.

The tiers are:

  1. Personal First Aid Kit (NON-IFAK*)
  2. Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) (Will not be available for several months)
  3. Personal SHTF First Aid Kit In A Box.
  4. Family SHTF First Aid Kit In A Bucket(2-5 people)
  5. Cache First Aid Kit (Coming in 2014)
  6. Minutemen Squad Medic Kit (Coming in 2014)

The Personal First Aid Kits are basic kits that you would keep in your pantry, bathroom or vehicle. They are designed to handle common injuries and moderate injuries that are non-life threatening but will require treatment at a hospital, medical clinic or by your doctor. *The NON-IFAK designation is to avoid confusion because The Personal kit is not a combat-oriented kit (see content list below)

The contents of the Personal First Aid Kit are:

  • 2x pair of nitrile exam gloves
  • 2x packets of 2 Tylenol Extra Strength
  • 1x roll of 1″ plastic medical tape
  • 5x alcohol prep pads
  • 4x 0.5g packets of Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • 4x 0.5g packets of burn gel
  • 20x assorted bandages
  • 2x 2×2 gauze pads
  • 2x 2×3 gauze pads
  • 5x butterfly wound closures
  • 1x triangular bandage
  • 1x tongue depressor/finger splint
  • 1x oval eye bandage
  • 1x Instant Cold Pack
  • 2x 1″ gauze roll
  • 1x 4″ elastic bandage
  • 1x first aid case.

Price: $25.00/each or 3 for $62 (save $13)

The Personal SHTF First Aid Kit In A Box is revolutionary.  Designed for preppers by a prepper for those “in case of emergency, break glass” moments.  Tuck this bad boy right in your stock pile for when disaster strikes.  This kit could potentially be the only first aid kit you will ever need to buy.

The contents of the Personal SHTF First Aid Kit In A Box are:

  • 1x EMT shears
  • 1x pen light
  • 1x surgical mask
  • 1x #10 sterile surgical scalpel
  • 1x 1″ roll of medical tape
  • 1x bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 1x Mayday emergency survival blanket
  • 20x alcohol prep pads
  • 1x box of nitrile gloves
  • 1x skin stapler kit
  • 10x 0.5g packets of Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • 10x 0.5g packets of burn gel
  • 10x packets of Tylenol Extra Strength
  • 80x assorted bandages
  • 10x butterfly wound closures
  • 5x wooden tongue depressor/finger splint
  • 2x oval eye pad
  • 50x assorted gauze pads
  • 3x Abdominal Pad
  • 3x wound dressing/field dressing
  • 2x conforming gauze
  • 6x 1″ gauze wrap
  • 2x 4″ elastic bandage
  • 2x Triangle Bandage
  • 1x TK4 Tourniquet
  • 2x Instant Cold Pack

Price: $50/each or 3 for $140 (save $10

The Family SHTF First Aid Kit In A Bucket is essentially a larger version of the Personal SHTF kit.  There are  a few differences such as instead of the skin stapler kit you will get a suture/wound closure kit and instead of alcohol prep pads you will get a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol*.  Each bucket kit will have supplies for a family of 4.  If you require a kit for a larger family,  I offer discounts when you buy a family SHTF kit and a custom kit.  No one knows what is best for you and your family except you and your family. That is why I offer the custom option.

The Family SHTF First Aid Kit In A Bucket  for a family of 4 is priced at $190. (Over $280 value!)   add $5.00 if you would like a gamma lid instead of the regular bucket lid.

*Can swap the Isopropyl Alcohol with Providone-Iodine or Hydrogen Peroxide.

I offer custom kits of any size. Custom kits start at $10.  Depending on what you want, it will take me one day to complete most custom kits but if I need to order anything it will take about 9 days to complete the kit.

Please contact me on Facebook or at Dave6890127@gmail.com if interested in purchasing.  I accept Paypal, cash and in some cases money order.


*Quantities and prices were adjusted due to previous calculation error on 12/5/13

From cuts to bumps, we have all been there.  Some of us have even broken a bone or two, or three.  It is safe to say that you will need more than a band-aid if you get injured when the SHTF. Every household should have a first aid kit that has the necessary items to treat common injuries.  But you MUST know what you are doing. Knowledge is the most critical piece of gear you will ever have.

  • Buy a book on first aid. I recommend the US Army’s field manual FM21-11: First Aid For Soldiers. This book is full of very important information and you can find them new for around $12.00 US.

You have three options for  first aid kits:

  1. Buy a pre-made first aid kit
  2. Make your own kit
  3. Buy a custom made kit

Pre-made kits made by companies like Johnson & Johnson can be bought at most retail stores. They are composed of  basic first aid items such as a large assortment of band-aids,  gauze pads, triple antibiotic ointment, a finger splint, latex-free gloves, tweezers, a cold pack and some other miscellaneous stuff.

  • Pre-made kits range in price and it is important to remember that you get what you pay for.

If you decide to make your own kit, you must take into consideration your families needs. The biggest problem is that it will cost 5x more to make your own kit if you buy the items at retail because you will need to buy each item separately. You will need to buy a box of each item, even though you likely will only put 5 or 6 of each item in the first aid kit.

Buying a custom kit isn’t really worth it when talking about a basic first aid kit because the price tag associated with a custom made kit is higher than the average person would like to pay.. I have seen some websites which build custom basic first aid kits and a kit which I could put together for $15.00 they are asking $45.

**Make sure the items in the kit are Latex-Free and if the kit has OTC medication such as Neosporin, check the expiration dates.**

I have spent the last year or so buying everything in bulk at wholesale price and now I build custom first aid kits which soon will be available for purchase.  I will go over the kits I build in another post later on.

When it comes to brands, there are many of them. The quality of each brand will vary in one way or another. The brands you see at Walmart are not the same brands that EMT’s and hospitals use.  I guess you could say that there are two categories for first aid supplies:

  1. Public Production
  2. Industry Production

Public Production simple means that the item was manufactured to meet basic consumer standards and expectations. These items are mass produced and distributed to retail stores across the world.

Industry Production means the item was manufactured to industry specific specifications and standards. Many safety and first aid items and kits that fall in this category are OSHA compliant and meet ANSI standards. OSHA compliant items are available to the public market. Military Standard is where the item was manufactured to ensure the products meet certain requirements, commonality, reliability, total cost ofownership, compatibility with logistics systems, and similar defense-related objectives. You will usually not find Mil-Spec items in the public market until there is a surplus (Mil-Surp) of the item.

Speaking from experience as an EMT/FR who is the son of a pharmacist, the first aid kits that are available at retail locations are terrible. If a first aid kit has 170 items in it and 150 are band-aids, don’t buy it.  Tylenol, Asprin and other OTC medications should be bought separately.

When it is all said and done, a  household first aid kit should contain:

  • 1x First Aid manual
  • 1x pen light
  • 1x roll of adhesive medical tape
  • 1x Stainless Steel tweezers
  • 1x EMT shears
  • 3x pair of latex free medical gloves.
  • 1x Tube of triple antibiotic ointment
  • 1x bottle of caladryl
  • 1x hand sanitizer
  • 1x bottle of eye drops
  • 10x alcohol prep pads
  • 10x spot bandages
  • 10x 1″ x 3″ adhesive bandages
  • 10x 3/4″x 3″ adhesive bandages
  • 10x 5/8″ x 2 1/4″ adhesive bandages
  • 10x knuckle adhesive bandages
  • 15x butterfly wound closures
  • 5x 4×4 non-stick pads
  • 5x 3×2 non-stick pads
  • 5x 2×2 non-stick pads
  • 3x 1″ gauze roll
  • 3x wooden Popsicle sticks (finger splints)
  •  1x case (shoe boxes work well)


“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin



For several years now, Americans have wanted to reduce our carbon footprint. That is good and all but the problem is that the political agenda for clean energy is flawed. Personally, I don’t care much about the polar bears. I care about the environment and ecosystem but I am not about to go full hippie for the sake of this planet. 

Politicians want to move away from fossil fuels and “dirty power” and make the shift to solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal, hyrdro-electric and what ever “clean power” we can. So far it hasn’t worked out as the bureaucrats had planned. Barack Obama’s plan for green energy crashed and burned; everything the POTUS does ends up crashing and burning so it was no shock to me when Solyndra failed. Wind turbines are killing the protected American Bald Eagle and they are killing hundreds of thousands of bats. Solar panels are leaking toxic waste into the ground and also killing wildlife. 

I think we get it now, the government should not be managing the “green revolution.” We know from experience that the government is incredibly dimwitted when it comes to doing anything for the “good of the people.” Amtrak has never turned a profit, our nation is 17+ trillion dollars in debt and yea, you all get it. As Ronald Reagan said “All great change in America starts at the dinner table.” Reagan also once said “Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.”  I agree! leave it to the private sector and the American citizen!  Clean energy cannot be achieved until the government steps out of the way. If 5/10 Americans withdrew from the grid and made the solar switch, the economic and environmental benefits would be huge. There are virtually no cons to making this switch either.

You are probably wondering, how we can make a difference. The best thing one can do is to make the switch to a whole-home solar power system. Withdrawing from the power grid and making the switch to solar is not only good for the environment, it is good for your wallet; both in the short and long run. According to Nextstepliving.com, A solar system will increase the resale value of your home by $20,000 for each $1,000 in annual utility costs. Home owners will also recuperate 97% of their investment and because solar panels meet around half of a typical household’s electrical demand, solar panels avoid carbon emissions equivalent to operating two fossil-fuel burning cars for almost 30 years. There are also a variety of financial options that you can take advantage of when purchasing solar panels such as lease, finance and affordable terms. You could also take advantage of possible tax credits. In many cases, you can sell back excess power to your local utility company. Yes that is right, utility companies will buy your excess power and mail you a check! 

Although there are other affordable clean power options available, solar systems are the best option in my opinion. 

Your work doesn’t stop once the system is installed. You will need to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible. if you are not sure how efficient your home is, you can schedule an energy efficiency assessment for your home. These assessments usually cost between $70 and $100. 

A quick Google or Bing search will connect you with many options when it comes to buying a whole-home solar system. Before you buy, it is best to shop around. Some  whole-home solar systems are as cheap as $5,000 but the price depends on your exact needs.

Here are is a list of some solar panels and solar power websites:





And this will help you calculate how many panels you need: http://www.mysolarpod.com/solarpodsneeded


Making the switch to a solar system is not only good for the environment, it is a very smart investment and a very wise decision. Please remember to do your research and make knowledgeable and informed choices before committing money to anything. 



“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin.


August 06, 2013.
Actions speak louder than words

When do we get up and scream enough is ENOUGH!? Are we, the so called Patriots just talk and no walk? What is going on? Well, let me tell you what is going on.

There are millions of Americans who support and are part of Conservative and Patriot groups and organizations. But how many are actually willing to do more than act as a keyboard warrior and a Facebook activist? There comes a time when we must forget about sharing posts from Patriot and Anti-liberal groups, get off our couch and march into the battlefield. What I am seeing is a whole lot of useless supporters who cannot dedicate any time to the movement. FORGET ABOUT THE INTERNET FIGHT! We MUST get outside, grab signs and flags, call the papers and media! Camp outside the capital and LOB in Hartford for a weekend and show the nation that WE ARE NOT ALL TALK! Actions speak louder than words and I have been growing tired of all the complaining and moaning about Gov. Malloy and the scummy democrats like Chris Murphy. Get off the couch and lets take the fight to the opposition.

Dedicated members are needed. Seriously, am I the only Patriot who wants to change things in this state? I have a huge problem with the liars and the lazies among us, you know who you are. Here’s the deal: If you see an event in your area that you would like to attend, don’t promise your participation unless:
-You have made sure that your schedule is clear and you are available for the stated time slot(s).
-You are SERIOUS and not just wanting to be “that guy” who is part of something.

Why? Well if you say “I’d LOVE to join you on Day X from 3pm-5pm! I will see you there!” YOU BETTER BE THERE AT 3PM! No excuses and excuses = LIES! Why? By pledging your support from 3-5pm, the other participants assume that you will show up at 3pm, participate from then on and leave at 5pm. We assume that you have CLEARED YOUR SCHEDULE FOR DAY X FROM 3PM-5PM! Facebook events have THREE options:
-Attending (You have checked your schedule, marked your calenar and promised that you will be there)
-Maybe (You are not sure what you have going on but if your schedule clears up and you have free time, you will show up)
-Not Attending (you have other plans which hold priority status over the event in question)

Here is what we need:
1- Organize events. We don’t need to wait for public hearings and we don’t need to work on their schedule. We need regularly scheduled events. Lets say the first and last Saturday of the month. We also need special events which will be publicly advertised weeks in advance.
2- Dedicated members. Enough with the Bullshit. If you are not serious about working along side the REAL Patriots who want to actually fix the problems at hand, don’t make promises that you cannot keep. If all you can do is blog that is fine, but don’t say “I’d love to get out and march” if you realistically don’t plan on leaving your basement.
3- Hard working members and volunteers. “Free burgers and beer” shouldn’t be what gets you to the event. If all you want is a free BBQ, go to a family party, don’t waste our time and yours. Can you donate your time and even your money in the interest of the big picture?

By big picture I mean fixing this state and taking on the problems at hand. Some of my fellow CT Patriots know that I am dedicated to running for local office in the coming years. What do I want to work on fixing?
-School safety
-long term Job creation
-Industry revival.
Why just three things? Because I am not one of those kiss assess who promise to move mountains but end up digging valleys. I can focus on three issues at once and manage my time and effort wisely with both.

Personally, I support CCDL, Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, the NRA, CCAC, NAGR, and I have a proven history with politics. I have been involved in state politics since I was 13. I have been on the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives. I have personally met mainly Democrats, most of whom my mother is personally connected with. I donated 4 days a week to the campaigns of Chris Dodd, Rosa DeLauro and I have worked the ballots in my town elections. I have spoken before state senate committees and I have sat in the governors chair as well as personally spent time touring the capital with former Gov. John Rowland.
This is not just talk, I have the photos, thank you letters and awards to prove it all.

Actions speak louder than words. I am willing to act, are you?

-Lone Patriot

I will start off by saying I thank you for taking time out of your day to view this blog.

Like many Americans, I see how this great nation is crumbling down, and someday, the USA will not be strong enough to get back up. This is a blog that is not for everyone, I know several viewers a day will disagree with my views and the views of the 20 people who i work with.

Our organization is made up of white men and women, ages 18 to 30, who are sick and fed-up with how the greatest nation in the world, has a minority population, that took “the American dream” for granted. This country is diverse, most people are worth breathing around, but many others are bottom feeders and scum.

You can call this a hate site, anti-goverment, racist; you are correct. Free speech allows my group to keep this site running and practice what we believe. Everyone is invited to comment or chat on here, but if you are easily upset by ridcule and mockery, leave this site and do not return.

The main purpose of this website is for white americans to exercise their rights give to us by our founding fathers, and to openly say what they want and what they believe. And if you can say “yes” to any of the following, you are more than welcome.

  • I believe that No one is created equal..
  • I believe that this country needs restructuring.
  • I have called black people “niggers” before in public.
  • I think that many people do not deserve government financial assistance, but they get it anyway.
  • I understand that freedom is not free.
  • I believe this great nation is truely impure.
  • I am not afraid to speak my mind in public, nor do I care what others think of me after.

This country need more than help. We can no longer depend on Big Brother to lead the way.

This is where Whites make their stand.