August 06, 2013.
Actions speak louder than words

When do we get up and scream enough is ENOUGH!? Are we, the so called Patriots just talk and no walk? What is going on? Well, let me tell you what is going on.

There are millions of Americans who support and are part of Conservative and Patriot groups and organizations. But how many are actually willing to do more than act as a keyboard warrior and a Facebook activist? There comes a time when we must forget about sharing posts from Patriot and Anti-liberal groups, get off our couch and march into the battlefield. What I am seeing is a whole lot of useless supporters who cannot dedicate any time to the movement. FORGET ABOUT THE INTERNET FIGHT! We MUST get outside, grab signs and flags, call the papers and media! Camp outside the capital and LOB in Hartford for a weekend and show the nation that WE ARE NOT ALL TALK! Actions speak louder than words and I have been growing tired of all the complaining and moaning about Gov. Malloy and the scummy democrats like Chris Murphy. Get off the couch and lets take the fight to the opposition.

Dedicated members are needed. Seriously, am I the only Patriot who wants to change things in this state? I have a huge problem with the liars and the lazies among us, you know who you are. Here’s the deal: If you see an event in your area that you would like to attend, don’t promise your participation unless:
-You have made sure that your schedule is clear and you are available for the stated time slot(s).
-You are SERIOUS and not just wanting to be “that guy” who is part of something.

Why? Well if you say “I’d LOVE to join you on Day X from 3pm-5pm! I will see you there!” YOU BETTER BE THERE AT 3PM! No excuses and excuses = LIES! Why? By pledging your support from 3-5pm, the other participants assume that you will show up at 3pm, participate from then on and leave at 5pm. We assume that you have CLEARED YOUR SCHEDULE FOR DAY X FROM 3PM-5PM! Facebook events have THREE options:
-Attending (You have checked your schedule, marked your calenar and promised that you will be there)
-Maybe (You are not sure what you have going on but if your schedule clears up and you have free time, you will show up)
-Not Attending (you have other plans which hold priority status over the event in question)

Here is what we need:
1- Organize events. We don’t need to wait for public hearings and we don’t need to work on their schedule. We need regularly scheduled events. Lets say the first and last Saturday of the month. We also need special events which will be publicly advertised weeks in advance.
2- Dedicated members. Enough with the Bullshit. If you are not serious about working along side the REAL Patriots who want to actually fix the problems at hand, don’t make promises that you cannot keep. If all you can do is blog that is fine, but don’t say “I’d love to get out and march” if you realistically don’t plan on leaving your basement.
3- Hard working members and volunteers. “Free burgers and beer” shouldn’t be what gets you to the event. If all you want is a free BBQ, go to a family party, don’t waste our time and yours. Can you donate your time and even your money in the interest of the big picture?

By big picture I mean fixing this state and taking on the problems at hand. Some of my fellow CT Patriots know that I am dedicated to running for local office in the coming years. What do I want to work on fixing?
-School safety
-long term Job creation
-Industry revival.
Why just three things? Because I am not one of those kiss assess who promise to move mountains but end up digging valleys. I can focus on three issues at once and manage my time and effort wisely with both.

Personally, I support CCDL, Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, the NRA, CCAC, NAGR, and I have a proven history with politics. I have been involved in state politics since I was 13. I have been on the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives. I have personally met mainly Democrats, most of whom my mother is personally connected with. I donated 4 days a week to the campaigns of Chris Dodd, Rosa DeLauro and I have worked the ballots in my town elections. I have spoken before state senate committees and I have sat in the governors chair as well as personally spent time touring the capital with former Gov. John Rowland.
This is not just talk, I have the photos, thank you letters and awards to prove it all.

Actions speak louder than words. I am willing to act, are you?

-Lone Patriot