I am a gamer, I love video games. I prefer FPS (First Person Shooters) and military based games. Many times have I played a game which had a campaign story based on a fictional war between the USA, NATO and China or Russia.

In reality, video games are……Fictional, fake, not real.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, lets get to the bread and butter.  I know some people will not agree with me here but this is a very calculated theory on why China would never attack the USA.

For starters, China’s economy depends greatly on the USA. Americans are the biggest buyers of Chinese made products. Are Chinese made products crappy? No, but there are many counterfeits that come out of China. Some people estimate that for every 1 real Iphone, there are 5 fake Iphones. You can replace Iphone with whatever but you get the point.

America is in a lot of debt to China. I really don’t know how to explain that part but America has too much regulation, China has very little regulation thus why many manufacturers abandoned the USA 25+ years ago and made the move to China. This was very beneficial to economic stability in America and allowed corporations to have explosive profit margins thanks to the lower cost of production. Not only do the corporations benefit, the consumer benefits greatly because the retail cost of goods is cheaper and the quality wasn’t greatly sacrificed.

Recently there has been a military game of poker going on in the waters off the coast of China.  China expanded their air defense zone over a few islands. These islands are stuck between a wok and a hard place because their ownership is disputed. China claims them and Japan claims them. The American gov’t issued a military ultimatum shortly after China expanded their airspace and the US military sent two nuclear capable bombers into the new Chinese Airspace.  So pretty much the American military went “nanananana, you can claim alllllll the air you want, we will still do whatever we want and you can’t do squat!”  Well, China actually can do whatever they want because it is their airspace.  Chinese citizens even said to local media that the Chinese airforce should have shot the American bombers down.  Thankfully the Chinese gov’t didn’t listen to that guy who obviously has som ting wong with him.

Then, American Navy vessels were harassed by the Chinese Navy in International Waters. So this all begs the question…Is there more conflict to come? Honestly, probably. The reason I say that is because China has the right to defend China.  If America sends bombers into Chinese airspace to do the typical fear mongering trolling the American Military does, China could open fire and all hell would break loose.

But, is war between the US and China worth it? No. BUT, (notice the big letters) China could potentially do something just as deadly and destructive:

Economic Warfare.

If China were to use their military to shut down the ports and export hubs, America would be faced with a major catastrophe. If the supply of goods is shut off, the demand isn’t magically going to stop as well. Store shelves would go empty is a few weeks, hundreds of stocks would loose their value over night and within a few weeks the stock market would crash. If stores are not being profitable, employers will need to cut jobs. There is already about 100 million Americans out of work, imagine is 200 million were out of work. Our country would be shut down in a matter of months. The only industries which would be semi-stable in the short term “post-depression” would be agriculture and firearms.  Thankfully we don’t get oil from China and that possibly could lead to an oil surplus if the demand for fuel goes in decline due to more consumers not spending money.

For China and America, an economic protest of this magnitude would be much better than all out war between China and America.  I don’t think it would be easy to resolve either conflict except an economic war would likely have different demands for resolution. China could demand whatever they wanted because the ball would be in their court. America would have two options:

1-Meet China’s demands
2-Not meet China’s demands.

If America decides to give China what they want, the economic crisis would be over. If America decides to not give China what they want, there would be few options but none would be good. War is one option and a counter economic protest is another option.

At the end of the day, both America and China would be hesitant to engage in war with each other. China has a very strong military but America has the greatest military. China would have less to loose though and in reality, China would EMP us before America even gets to diplomacy.  We only know of what is going on right now and we know the past. We have no way of predicting what will happen in the future; we only can speculate.  Although I believe the American gov’t has spent millions of dollars and hundreds of days going over these sorts of scenarios, we as individuals are kept out of the loop and that is why we must be prepared. The government will always have “intel” and we wont have squat until that day comes.  The gov’t knew an attack was being planned against the US base in Hawaii and shortly after that intel reached the President, it was really too late and the attack on Pearl Harbor happened. If China initiated an economic war with America, the individuals wouldn’t know about it until some gov’t suit came on TV and announced what was going on. I can only image the panic the media would create.

Although these sorts of scenarios are totally hypothetical, the chances of them becoming real are not impossible. This is why I pay attention and this is why I am a prepper.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” -Ben Franklin.

Prepper Digest

Dec 17, 2013