“We the people…Have had enough.” -Unknown.

I’d like to start by saying thank you for all your support in the fight against statist tyranny.  Although currently it is uncertain what the CT state police will do, we are prepping for the worst and hoping for the best. There are at least 10,000 gun owners who knew better than to comply with an unconstitutional law. If the state initiates gun confiscation, what will you do? What is your plan?

First of all, if you have anything that is illegal in your house right now; grab it, bag it and move it. Bury it in the woods in a cache, have a friend hold onto the stuff for you or transport it out of state and store it somewhere safe there.  This may not be an optimal idea if you are a prepper and need those LCMs and AW’s if the SHTF. This is exactly why you should buy two firearms that are CT legal.  If you have three AR-15’s, it may be worth it to sell it to an FFL and then buy a few new firearms and ammunition.

Here is a short list of firearms that are CT legal and worth every penny.

  1. Mossberg MVP or Ruger Gunsite scout
  2. Ruger 10/22
  3. Mossberg Model 60
  4. Henry lever actions
  5. Mossberg 500
  6. Mosin Nagant
  7. SKS
  8.  Lee Enfield SMLE (.303 Brit ammo may be hard to find but it costs around the same as 30-30 ammo)

Go through your prepping stockpile while asking yourself the following question:

If the SHTF (gun confiscation) was announced to start tomorrow, what would I grab and pack?

Hopefully you already have a pre-packed Get Home Bag or 72 hour bag. Let’s modify this “bug out” to fit this scenario.  It is better to be safe than sorry which is why you will be packing up your car and getting ready to “bug out.”  Because this is not an economic collapse scenario, you can pack very light on items you normally would pack heavy on.

Here is a list of what I would pack for this “bug out”:

  • 4 cases of bottled water
  • 10 days worth of clothing
  • 3 days worth of food
  • 5 gallons of extra gasoline
  • All my firearms, ammo and some gun cleaning supplies.
  • Gas masks and filters
  • MOLLE FLC tactical vest and misc tactical gear
  • Batteries (AA, AAA, D)
  • Large tarp
  • 250 feet of cordage
  • Kerosene lantern
  • 1 gallon of kerosene
  • Bag of charcoal briquettes
  • Small charcoal grill
  • 72 hour pack and contents
  • EDC pack and contents
  • Fiance’s 72 hour pack and contents
  • Baby Bug Out Bucket
  • Squad first aid kit
  • IFAK
  • Tools
  • Reading material
  • Radio
  • Solar panel, charger and 12v battery
  • All valuables (jewelry, bullion etc.)
  • Cash

Keep in mind that I need to pack for my fiance and my daughter.  As I said, this is not a collapse situation therefor you don’t need to pack months worth of food and water because you will still be able to buy food, water, fuel, clothes etc. Cash is king. Withdraw as much money from your bank accounts as possible. At least take $500 cash with you if you can.


Where do you go? This is a great question. Once you’re all packed up, where do you “bug out” to? I’m in CT, I am familiar with Vermont and some parts of New Hampshire.  You want to make sure that the state you “bug out” to has very loose firearms laws and seeing as VT has no restrictions or anything, VT is a great place to “Bug out”.  If you don’t want to waste money on a hotel or motel, try boondocking or parking at rest stops. It is also a good idea to have a friend in your “bug out” state.


If you are part of a prepping group, it is important that you all know where to go. Set up rally points and let everyone know where the BOL is and how to get there.  ONLY GIVE THE INFO IN PERSON. DO NOT DO IT OVER THE INTERNET OR PHONE. Leave NO trace of where you plan to bug out. If you home is searched, the last thing the cops should know is where you went. Mislead them. Leave a note on the fridge that says “Hey mom, we are visiting a friend in PA (or some other state other than your “bug out” state. We will be home sometime next week or so.”

If everything goes to hell and the PD start going door to door, who knows what could happen. Get out of the danger zone, regroup and plan your next move. If cops raid your home, it might get trashed but at least you are not there to be put in danger and you still will have your guns and everything.

“Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson